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Simone White

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Simone White

Simone White


Simone’s Background

Simone White is an attorney who has championed the underdog throughout her career. She was born in Dallas, Texas and by the age of 17 she completed her first two years of college and attended The University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences, where she studied microbiology.


During her time there, she conducted research on the evolution of viruses that infect bacteria (“bacteriophages”). In addition to virology, she had the opportunity to study microbial genetics, and public health bacteriology where she would conduct tests to identify microbes based on their intrinsic characteristics. Additionally, Simone studied Nutrition and Italian in Siracusa, Italy. In Italy, she interviewed diabetic elderly patients and documented the day and the life of malnourished African refugees with the help of translators, which helped her understand just how deeply nutrition affects health.


She then served as a medical missionary, setting up health clinics in the schoolyards of Changuinola, Panama to help women and children access medical care. Originally a Pre-Med student, Simone also shadowed a cardiologist at St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas. These experiences helped her learn the importance of proper patient care, and that the commitment to “do no harm,” is paramount.


Simone then worked in a laboratory as a microbiologist, testing antibiotics and other antimicrobials for companies. Afterwards, she attended Texas A&M School of Law on a Dean’s Merit Scholarship. Making the top 13% of her class as a 1L allowed her to become a member of Phi Delta Phi legal honor society, which only accepts the top third of each class. Simone was also one of the final top 3 competitors in her school’s 1L Moot Court Competition. These achievements opened the door for her to work at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office Grand Jury and White-Collar Crime Division, where she had the opportunity to observe over a dozen trials. This experience sparked her interest in becoming a trial attorney.


As a 2L Simone became a Research Assistant to a law professor who focused on healthcare law. During her time as a Research Assistant, she delved into the issue of whether certain prisoners were afforded legal protections under various healthcare laws. As a rising 3L Simone had the opportunity to clerk for the Chief Justice of the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas, Texas. Simone then earned the position as Executive Articles Editor on the Property Law Journal while also making the Dean’s List. As the Executive Articles Editor she aided the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor in publishing two law journals and overseeing 35 law journal staff.


As a lawyer, Simone has successfully represented plaintiffs in a variety of cases including in the areas of mass torts, medical malpractice, and labor and employment law. She is licensed in both California and Texas and is a graduate of the Consumer Attorneys of California’s Leadership Academy. Simone also had the honor to serve as a moderator in Sonoma on the panel “Class Action and Mass Tort Leadership—Making Strides in Diversity Roundtable.” Simone credits her late father, Attorney Ward Allen White III, with inspiring her to become a lawyer and dedicates her career to him.

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