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Houston Fatal Pharmacy Error Lawyer


A Brief Summary of the Following Article


  • Definition: A fatal pharmacy error in Texas is a medical mistake resulting in a person’s death, often due to incorrect medication type, dosage, or instruction.
  • Compensation: Victims of fatal pharmacy errors may claim economic damages (like medical bills and lost wages) and non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering or loss of companionship).
  • Proving Liability: Establishing liability requires proving duty of care, breach of duty, the connection of death to the breach, and economic losses due to the error.
  • Legal Assistance: Hodges & Foty, LLP specializes in representing people who have suffered severe accidents and medical malpractice, including pharmacy errors.

If you are a family member of someone subjected to a fatal pharmacy error, you may feel unsure about what to do next. However, you can take legal action and work with a qualified fatal pharmacy error lawyer for support. Hodges & Foty, LLP, a Houston-based law firm, specializes in legal assistance for severe accidents, injuries, and medical malpractice cases, including pharmacy and prescription error cases. Our firm’s knowledge and experience extend to handling complex lawsuits against large corporations. 


Our Houston fatal pharmacy error attorney at Hodges & Foty, LLP, including founding partners David W. Hodges and Don J. Foty, offer skilled representation and have achieved significant settlements and verdicts for our clients. We are highly recognized for our dedication to protecting the rights of those harmed due to negligence, especially in cases involving pharmacy errors that lead to severe injuries or death. Please call us at (713) 523-0001 or fill out our contact form for more information and support.


What Constitutes a Fatal Pharmacy Error in Texas?


A fatal pharmacy error is the result of a medical mistake made by a provider, ending in the death of the patient. Many mistakes might lead to prescription issues, including those made by a pharmacist, doctor, or another medical provider. Someone may have made a mistake regarding the medication type, dosage, or instructions on how to take the medication.  Additionally, some pharmacists may incorrectly give you a medication when that medication is contraindicated when you are taking a different medication. Regardless, these issues result from a medical practitioner being negligent and irresponsible with the health and well-being of the patient.


If you have lost someone due to a pharmacy error, work with a qualified Houston fatal pharmacy error lawyer from Hodges & Foty, LLP. Our lawyers can support you with our specialization in medical malpractice, pharmacy errors, and fatalities relating to medication. We can help your family recover from the loss by aiding your journey to fair compensation.


What Compensation Can Be Expected in Fatal Pharmacy Error Cases?


If you have been subjected to loss because of a fatal pharmacy error, you can hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. Many losses might qualify for compensation, including the following:


  • Economic damages: These include past and future medical bills, lost wages, and loss of wage-earning potential. Other damages may also apply to your case.


  • Non-economic damages: These include compensation for your mental anguish, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life.


Cases relating to death can be challenging and people need support. A fatal pharmacy error attorney from Hodges & Foty, LLP can help you pursue your rights and hold the liable parties accountable.


What Are the Challenges in Proving Pharmacy Error Liability in Texas?


Proving liability in a fatal pharmacy error claim can be complex, as you must show that at least four elements are true as they pertain to your case. The elements you must prove are the following:


  • That the pharmacy owed you a duty of care
  • Breach of this duty of care
  • The breach of the duty of care caused the death


A Houston fatal pharmacy error lawyer from Hodges & Foty, LLP can provide invaluable support during your family’s time of intense need and confusion.


How Can An Attorney With Hodges & Foty, LLP Help?


A Houston fatal pharmacy error attorney with Hodges & Foty, LLP can aid you in numerous ways throughout complex and stressful legal processes, including but not limited to the following:


  • Conducting an independent investigation into the incident
  • Preparing your case for court
  • Analyzing evidence to prove liability
  • Assuring that all documents are filed correctly and promptly
  • Communicating with the other parties on your behalf
  • Organizing your medical records and bills
  • Working with your healthcare providers to obtain any missing records
  • Organizing and presenting the evidence to prove liability and damages
  • Accessing research methods and tools only available to legal professionals
  • Providing an understanding of the legal system and how to make it work for you


Hodges & Foty, LLP offers free consultations and also works on contingency. 


Get Invaluable Support and Compensation From an Experienced Houston Fatal Pharmacy Error Lawyer


If you have lost someone due to a fatal pharmacy error in Houston, Hodges & Foty, LLP can provide the support and guidance you need during this challenging time. As seasoned professionals in handling pharmacy error cases, our fatal pharmacy error attorneys are committed to ensuring that your rights are protected and that justice is served. We understand the complexities of these cases and are equipped with the knowledge and resources to navigate the legal process effectively. Our dedicated fatal pharmacy error lawyers work tirelessly to seek the compensation and closure you deserve.


Armed with board-certified personal injury attorneys – an honor only offered to 1% of Texas attorneys – we can provide invaluable support. You can contact Hodges & Foty, LLP by completing our contact form or by calling us at (713) 523-0001. Remember, we are here to help you through every step of the process and ensure your case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Let us be your advocates in seeking justice for the harm caused by a fatal pharmacy error.

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