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Serious Accidents and Injuries in Texas

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At Hodges & Foty, we believe those who have suffered a serious injury deserve a personal injury lawyer at their side who is willing to fight on their behalf. As one of the leading civil law firms in Texas, we have represented more than 10,000 clients and have secured tens of millions in settlements.


Our founding partners, David W. Hodges and Don J. Foty, are considered two of the nation’s top personal injury lawyers and experts in the field of tort law. They are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This is a distinction that less than 1% of all attorneys in Texas have acquired.


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Worker getting injured on the job
Auto accident at an intersection

How Can I Tell if I Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?


As often as you hear about personal injury law in Texas and nationwide, it can be difficult to tell whether your own case deserves the attention of an attorney. Personal injury cases always involve one party suffering an injury related to a separate party’s negligence. For example, imagine you are injured in a car accident on a Texas highway in which the other driver was traveling over the speed limit. In such cases, it is worth contacting an attorney. As a driver on the road, each of us is expected to drive with a reasonable amount of caution for both our own safety and others on the road. A driver who chooses to speed, swerve, or fail to use caution in other ways could be considered negligent.


How Can an Attorney Help With My Case?


Unsurprisingly, it is not always easy to determine whether the other party involved in an accident or injury was negligent. A skilled personal injury lawyer can gather information from you and other public data sources in the state of Texas. Using all of the information they have collected, they can decide whether you have a strong personal injury case worth pursuing. From there, they can handle your case in court and advise you throughout the legal proceedings.


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