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Every day, governing bodies across the country pass laws affecting millions of people. Judges issue rulings that set new precedents on how laws are interpreted. New cases call into question whether existing laws are applicable in the modern world. While there are a seemingly endless number of law blogs out here to follow the latest developments, not every blog publisher has the expertise and years of experience as the attorneys at Hodges & Foty.


Add the Hodges & Foty law blog to the list of blogs you follow for the latest updates in employment law, medical malpractice, class action cases, and more. Our attorneys dedicate time each day to researching the most important cases, rulings, and guidance from professional bodies. You should have the information you need to make an informed decision if you are ever in a situation in which you require legal services.


As you read each of our blog posts, you can feel confident you are gaining insight from experts in civil law. Our two founding partners, David W. Hodges and Don. J. Foty, are widely considered two of the top civil attorneys in the nation. Both partners have been interviewed by numerous news outlets over the course of their careers to provide their thoughts on ongoing class action lawsuits, medical malpractice cases, dangerous prescription drugs, and employment law.


Keep up with the latest in the law by adding Hodges & Foty to the list of blogs you follow.

Overtime Laws: Helpful Tips Every Employee Should Know

a picture of a business building at night

The United States is full of hard-working adults. Whether they want to earn overtime pay, are helping with staffing issues, or both, some people spend their weeks working more than 40 hours. You understandably expect to be rewarded with a big paycheck or direct deposit payment after a long week's work. But what if that doesn’t happen? Unfortunately, employers violating overtime laws happens more often than you think. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recovered over $134 million in back overtime wages in 2022. But what if your employer isn’t following federal and local overtime laws? Here’s a closer look at overtime pay...

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Employee Misclassification: Why It Happens and How To Resolve It

a person working at a computer

You have the freedom to choose your job and whether you work as a part or full-time employee. Another popular working option for many adults is to work as an independent contractor. Employees typically enjoy benefits such as health and life insurance. Depending on their earnings, employees might also get a refund during tax time. Independent contractors aren’t entitled to benefits or employers paying their taxes. But some people prefer contracting for its freedoms and higher pay rates. The problem with worker classifications happens when a business is guilty of misclassification. WHAT IS EMPLOYEE MISCLASSIFICATION? Employee misclassification occurs when an employer mistakenly designates a...

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Underpaid and Unpaid Wages: Warning Signs and How to Protect Yourself

a picture of a blank paycheck

You understandably expect to get paid for your hard work. Fortunately, most companies do the right thing and pay their workers accurately and on time. But that doesn’t always happen. Some hard-working people find themselves underpaid or unpaid for the work they do. During 2022 alone, public attorneys recovered over $110 million for people owed back wages due to their employers underpaying them or not paying them at all. Private attorneys likely recovered much more. WARNING SIGNS AN EMPLOYER IS UNDERPAYING OR NOT PAYING YOU Employees often joke with each other that employers don't pay enough. In some cases, an employer is taking...

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Overtime Laws & Common Violations in Texas

A woman working on a laptop in the evening.

The vast majority of employers in Texas and nationwide abide by overtime laws. When their employees work more hours than they were scheduled, they should be paid a higher, agreed-upon amount. But there are some companies that fail to follow Texas labor laws regarding overtime. It could be caused by the employer simply not knowing the law, or it could be an effort to save money. In either case, employees who have been wronged may have an unpaid overtime wage case against their employer. Here are a few common ways in which companies in Texas, and throughout the nation, can violate overtime...

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What is a Class Action Lawsuit and Do I Qualify?

Steps to a courthouse with pillars.

  You’ve likely seen commercials for class action lawsuits on TV. You may have even received a letter in the mail or email asking whether you would like to take part in one. In fact, some of the most famous U.S. Supreme Court cases throughout history were class action lawsuits. Here are some requirements for a class action settlement, along with guidance if you believe you qualify for one. What is a Class Action Lawsuit? A class action is a case in which one or several plaintiffs file a lawsuit and then pursue it in court on behalf of a group consisting of many...

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What the Texas Workers’ Compensation Law Means for You

Wire lockers containing yellow construction hard hats

No one likes to think about the possibility of being injured on the job and not being able to work. But, unfortunately, tens of thousands of Texans are injured on the job every year. In 2021 alone, there were 178,900 cases of Texas workers suffering nonfatal injuries on the job. Given how stressful the days and weeks following a workplace injury can be, it’s wise to understand how workers’ comp programs work in Texas before an incident occurs. The first question to answer is a simple one: What benefits does workers' compensation offer and what is covered? Workers’ Compensation Covers Injuries and Sickness...

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5 Most Common Types of Pharmacy Malpractice

Brightly-lit pharmacy.

Pharmacists are among the most diligent professionals in the workforce. They work in a profession in which even small mistakes can have major consequences. It’s for this reason pharmacists are held to high standards. If they fail to meet these standards because of negligence or willful misconduct, and their actions lead to a patient or group of patients suffering sickness or injury, they could be liable for pharmacy malpractice. Here are a few common medication errors that occur in pharmacy settings. 1. Giving a Patient the Wrong Dosage of a Prescription Different patients are prescribed different dosage levels depending on their symptoms. A pharmacist...

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